Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Child of Divorce - A Perspective

Every once in a while I hear or read something that just rings true and clear.

Many of my customers agonize over the impact that the divorce they are contemplating, or involved in, will have a devastating impact upon their children. They have good reason to be concerned. Done incorrectly divorce can be a gut- wrenching experience that scars children for years to come. On the other hand, done correctly a divorce need not be a trauma, but can actually be a positive learning experience and a release from a tense and difficult household situation.

On March 2, 2010 KQED broadcast a prospective written by Sarah Buckley entitled “Child of Divorce”. Ms. Buckley simply and eloquently relates her experience as a member of a family that underwent a divorce in a sensible and humane manner.

This enlightening perspective captures perfectly the concept Liaise develops with our clients. When there are children involved, we don’t do a divorce, we do a family reorganization. Not only is mediation significantly less expensive then litigation, the process of an orderly, freely negotiated determination of the rights and duties of each party sets a tone of cooperation and collaboration. In that sort of atmosphere it is possible to accomplish the calm and reassuring communication children need to help them realize that they are well loved and that their parents are taking every precaution to guaranty that their future will be secure.

Do yourself, your family, and your financial well being a favor and choose Liaise Mediated Solutions, LLC to help you navigate the treacherous waters of ending your marriage.